It’s time for us to return to Nairobi and take a flight out to Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city. Lying next to the Indian Ocean, this is a cosmopolitan city attracting many tourists and expatriates because of its friendly culture. We decide to catch our breath here and enjoy some of the wonderful hospitality., Read More

Our journey continues. As we leave Lake Nakuru National Park, it is a 2-hour drive to Kenya’s ‘Jewel of the Parks’ – the Maasai Mara. We cannot wait to get out there. The road to the Mara is deplete of vegetation and interspersed with dusty townships. The land is dry and arid and these, Read More

Karibu! The first Swahili word we hear as we step off the air plane and one that we are to hear often as the African smile and warmth welcomes us during the next two weeks. My daughter Anya and I are on safari… Finally! We get off the plane and into our tour van, Read More

Driving through country roads, past fields and farms is a pleasant experience once you get off the main roads. Most of these roads are bigger and better now, and other than for drivers who seem to momentarily defy Murphy’s Law, the 175 km drive from Colombo to Sigiriya is one to be enjoyed. With, Read More

As we disembark at Mysore, the second largest city in the state of Karnataka, I am already fascinated by this historically significant city. The old world charm of colonial India in all its untold grandeur and glory is interspersed with colour and contrariness and utterly breathtaking. Multi ethnic people, sporting their turbans and unkempt, Read More

UL 171, from Colombo to Bangalore is due to leave at 6.30 pm. As we get to the airport that evening, an electrical storm breaks overhead. The airport is plunged into darkness several times and the computers keep crashing. We didn’t care just as long as the air plane didn’t! The flight leaves a, Read More

Come April holidays and everyone will want to get away from the heat and the humdrum of city life. Whilst the ersatz ‘cool’ types head to the hills there are others who prefer to really get away and look out for places that are different, affordable and far from the madding crowd. Along the, Read More

Imagine yourself doing this. Swinging gently on a hammock, the sound of the river carelessly lapping at your feet, the unending sounds of a myriad birds chirping around you, the warm breezes caressing away the daily grind left behind in the city. Sounds too good to be true? This is possible. Just head out, Read More

Most times, driving along our main roads is a tiring exercise and sometimes it is better to make a pit stop half way to your destination. If your next holiday is to the cultural triangle or the central province, take a break and enjoy the countryside. I found the idyllic pit stop.