Greenland. Cruising Past Ice Fjords in Disko Bay

It’s another day with -20C weather yet the sun shines valiantly taking away the chill and lighting up this amazing destination. And we are all excited for yet another adventure.

We get a message saying the seas are rough and to keep our fingers crossed that it will calm down by afternoon. By the time we get to the pier for the cruise our prayers have been answered and the seas have calmed down.

For the next three hours we gentle sift our way through vast swaths of icebergs and massive glaciers, past some of Earth’s most spectacular fjords and fissures. It’s hard to explain how beautiful all this is. The raw power of nature and the unfenced landscapes are stunning.


Greenland is definitely not a cheap destination, but I have no regrets. I leave Greenland (back to Iceland) with some fantastic memories of amazing sites. This non-continental island is definitely one of my most exciting destinations.



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