Iceland. Roadtripping back to Reykjavik

While Sri Lanka celebrates a New Year, we pack up and get ready to drive back to Reykjavik. And look…no snow!

Our journey back to Reykjavik is approximately 250 kms but we take our time, stopping along the way for many more pics. As I have mentioned before, the weather and landscape changes so dramatically along the way, that it is impossible not to stop for many, many photographs.

Back at Reykjavik, we check in to the Blue Luxury Apartments in the heart of the city.

8 Comments on “Iceland. Roadtripping back to Reykjavik

  1. Loved every minute of it. The beautiful landscapes, friendly people Abbas amazing food. Wouldn’t mind visiting again

  2. Loved the ever changing landscapes. The food was awesome and the people friendly. What more could you ask for. Would I do it again? Definitely yes.

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