About Me

I am Mihiri Wikramanayake, the storyteller behind Mihipedia. My motto “I travel….For fun. For work. For enrichment” captures the essence of my travels. Mihipedia is where I document all my journeys through geographies, my personal experiences and memories, and blog about it in the hope that my stories will inspire others to travel.

I travel across continents, walk where the road leads, experience cultures and enjoy camaraderie with people along the way. My photography is original, my experiences are personal, and my love for adventure is limitless.

When not traveling, I run my own Public Relations company, Hype Corporate Communication Solutions, my tech site, TechAdvisor.LK and spoil my two cats, Taita and Tsavo, both of whom don’t give a hoot for travel.

Taita and Tsavo…disturbing the peace.