It’s day nine of my journey already! And sadly, it’s also the last day of this epic journey. Time surely does fly when having fun. For all its beauty and historical value, Cambodia has had a terrible and troubled past. In 1432, the Thai’s sacked Angkor and in 1863, the French invaded this country., Read More

It’s a very, very early morning wake up call. Bundled up against the morning chill, I am at the west side of the famous Angkor Wat temple beside the manmade lake at the foreground. It’s still too dark to see much, but an indistinct silhouette of this temple. The crowds keep trailing in and, Read More

As I reluctantly say goodbye to Saigon and Vietnam, I am excited to be seeing Cambodia. The Angkor Wat temple has been on my bucket list for too long and it’s time to make this dream come true. Having heard of the many stories of corruption at Cambodia’s immigration, I am somewhat nervous. But,, Read More