It’s another day with -20C weather yet the sun shines valiantly taking away the chill and lighting up this amazing destination. And we are all excited for yet another adventure. We get a message saying the seas are rough and to keep our fingers crossed that it will calm down by afternoon. By the, Read More

Today I go dogsledding! The outside temperature is -20C. And I am rugged up in the three required layers – thermals from top to toe, down jacket and windproof/waterproof jacket and pants. But prior to setting off on our adventure, we put on another layer of sealskin from top to toe. I now know what, Read More

“When you’ve seen the world there’s always Greenland” From the moment we decided to spend a few days in Greenland, my impatience knew no bounds. I have no idea what to expect, to see or experience. But in my heart, I knew the decision was right and seeing is believing. Leaving Iceland from the, Read More