While Sri Lanka celebrates a New Year, we pack up and get ready to drive back to Reykjavik. And look…no snow! Our journey back to Reykjavik is approximately 250 kms but we take our time, stopping along the way for many more pics. As I have mentioned before, the weather and landscape changes so, Read More

I look out of the bedroom window and all I see is snow! But not for long. As we head towards the Skaftafell Nature Reserve the weather changes drastically and the snow completely disappears. That’s the beauty of Iceland!

It’s day three in this stunningly beautiful country. Today is another clear, cold day, but I am not expecting it to stay like this for long. Back in the vehicle, we are on the road again. Our first stop is at the glacier volcano of Eyjafjallajokull, (eyja = island, fjall = mountain and jökull, Read More

It is another cold day in Iceland. The temperature is 1C. And we are well togged up to hit the road again! We are on our way along Iceland’s Golden Circle, a 300-kms drive that will take us to three of the country’s most popular attractions. But before we get there, we stop plenty, Read More

“Iceland is not a destination, but an adventure” Iceland has been on my bucket list for the longest time. Having heard (and seen photographs) of its rugged landscape and sharp contrasts, where fire and ice co-exist, where dark winter nights are equipoised by summer’s midnight sun, where nature’s extreme forces are considered to be, Read More