Racha Island. Sun, sand, sea and some snorkeling

This is my last day in Phuket. Despite last night’s rain, today is turning out to be a scorcher with the temperature expected to reach 33C. But, after spending my past few weeks in -20C weather (which is another story altogether) I’m relishing this warmth.

Today we are being taken to Racha Island and I’m excited to get some sun, sand and sea. A speedboat picks us up at Chalong Pier, and about 30 minutes later we cast anchor at Raya Bay, a delightful protected cove. Snorkel secured, goggles on and I leap into the warm, turquoise blue waters. Ahhh…bliss!

For the next 40 minutes, I swim around, enjoying the company of some friendly fish who seem to find me interesting, spot a turtle or two and plenty of coral. Apart from our crowd, there is no one else to disturb my morning which makes it all the more fun. No wonder this spot is known as “one of Phuket’s best kept secrets”.

Back on the boat, and another 10 minutes of riding the waves, we hop off at Racha Island. This U-shaped long strip of beach is covered in white sand and fringes the most inviting, calm, turquoise-blue sea. I am in seventh heaven as I soak in this water, and cannot ask for a better way to spend this morning! Sigh.

Back in Phuket, the day is cooling off as the sun sets and Bangla Street gets dressed up for another night of entertainment. Disco lights, bars and booze, live shows and lady boys, and a whole different world of fun and frolic.

A visit to Thailand is never complete without taking in the nightlife. It’s vibrant, pulsating and full of innuendo.

It has been a wonderful three days in Phuket. My guide Charlie and chauffer Sam have been extremely patient, caring and full of information. Tomorrow I travel back to Bangkok but will definitely visit Phuket again.

If you have a story to share on Phuket, please post it on this site.

Thanks to #TATSriLanka for inviting me to Phuket and to the launch of Family Fun Thailand. All opinions are, as always, my own. 

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