It has not been easy staying indoors and being deprived of travel. Lockdowns, locked in, quarantine, and safety protocols have taken a toll on most travel during 2020, though I’ve had the good fortune of racking up the miles, locally. One of my last trips in 2020 is to Mannar. Ideally it should have, Read More

It’s only 6 a.m. on this barmy Sunday morning. Our drive up and down the Mannar causeway in search of flamingos was futile. Except for some waders and an awesome sunrise reflecting off the water, there was nothing much to see.  Since the day was still young, we decided to drive into the Mannar, Read More

It is 32C outside and the tarred road is simmering. Yet the unrelenting heat of the day does not take away the picturesque drive that is taking us from Puttalam to the Mannar Island, overlooking the Gulf of Mannar. We cross the ‘Peace Bridge’, a 3 km causeway that connects Medawachchiya-Mannar-Thalaimannar along the A14, Read More